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Andrew Fichthorn

Andrew Fichthorn Jr. (Reading, PA) 1779 – 1822

Fichthorn apprenticed to John Bornewitz in Womelsdorf from 1792 – 1799.  He returned to Reading to marry and establish a business before 1803.  He worked in Reading until his death in 1822.



Edward Marshall

This rifle is patterned after the “Edward Marshall” rifle from the 1762-1765 time period.  The maker could have been Andreas Albrecht or another gunmaker in the shop at Christians Spring.  This rifle exhibits a very strong architectural Germanic influence.



Isaac Berlin

ISAAC BERLIN (1754-1831)


Born 1754 in Berks County, 15 miles northeast of Reading, PA, Berlin was shown on tax records in Easton, PA as a gunsmith from 1778-1781, then again from 1783-1786.  He remained in Easton until 1788 when he moved to York County.  Berlin died in 1831 in Crawford County, PA.



This contemporary example is patterned after an original signed Isaac Berlin rifle which was made in Easton, Pennsylvania during the 1775-1780 time period.

  • .45 Caliber , 44” Swamped, Octagon-to-round, Charcoal blued Rice barrel
  • Chambers Deluxe Gun-builders lock
  • Premium Curly Maple stock
  • Handmade Brass Furniture: Patchbox w/cast lid, Trigger guard, Side plate, Thimbles & Nose cap
  • Tapered horn-tipped ram rod
  • Custom trigger plate
  • Concave moldings at fore stock and butt end
  • Extensive relief carving surrounding tang; beavertails fore & aft of cheek piece, in front of patch box and entry thimbles


Bucks County

Bucks County Fowler (1790-1805)

This is a typical Fowler of the late 18th century, early 19th century. It represents the style of the gunmakers from the Bucks County, Pennsylvania area.


American Pistol

Typical of makers from Pennsylvania and Virginia (1775 – 1790)


Early Lancaster Fowler – John Newcomer

The Lancaster County court records of 1767 have John Newcomer listed as a gunsmith.  In 1780, the tax records called Newcomer, “Old John Gunsmith”.  He died in 1782.  Later in 1793, his son was also listed in the tax records as a gunsmith in York County, Pennsylvania.

This Newcomer, early Lancaster fowler is patterned after his work from 1768 – 1775.

John Newcomer – Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1768-1775)

  • .54 caliber, octagon to round,
  • 46” smooth Burton barrel,
  • Chambers lock; curly maple stock,
  • Handmade wooden patch box, side plate and nose cap,
  • Relief moulding on fore end,
  • Relief carved beaver tails and shell surrounding tang,
  • Engraving on lock face and hammer.

Adam Haymaker

Haymaker lived and worked in Frederick County, Virginia, located in the northern end of the Valley of Virginia near the current City of Winchester.

He was at work there from 1753 until 1804.  This rifle is patterned after his work from 1765-1770.


John Shuler

His name first appears in records in 1800 as a gun-smith in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  From 1817 until his death in 1822, he lived and worked in Liverpool, located in Perry County.

This Shuler-style rifle is from the 1800-1805 time period.



John Schreit

Reading, Pennsylvania tax records show Schreit purchased a town lot in 1758.  From this date until 1777, he lived and worked as a gunsmith in Reading.  In 1777 Schreit moved to Lancaster.   After 1780 his name is lost from the tax records.

The original Schreit this example is patterned after is dated 1761, the earliest known American made longrifle.



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