This Dickert-style long rifle has a 45-inch, .58 caliber, gain twist rifled, swamped octagon barrel by Bobby Hoyt. The 1760-1775 era early Germanic style lock by Chris Laubach is set in a curly maple stock. This piece includes a handmade tapered and horn-tipped ramrod.

The brass furniture includes a handmade fully engraved 4-piece patch box, side plate, handmade thimbles, and nose cap.

Beaver tails are relief carved. Relief carving surrounds the lock and barrel tang; is in front of the patch box; and fore and aft of the cheekpiece. Relief molding is on the fore and butt ends of the rifle with the fore-end molding transitioning into relief carving at the rear entry thimble.

Total Price: $ 7,200

Recommended load:

  • 1” x 7/8” English or French amber flints
  • .75 gr FFF black powder
  • .015 Patching
  • .570 Round ball