David Crockett Rifle (1780-1790)

An unknown maker from York County, Pennsylvania produced the original Crockett rifle in the 1780-1790 time period. There is good reason with strong evidence that it was David Crockett’s first rifle at the age of 17.  David makes numerous references to the occasions when he carried his rifle before it was sold to buy a [...]


George Schreyer, Sr. (1739-1819)

George Schreyer, Sr. was born in the Conewago, Pennsylvania community.  He began his formal apprenticeship in the same area under either George Ungefehr or Nicholas Hachen in 1761. He apprenticed Phillip Sheets and is shown on Reading tax records as a Gunsmith.  He bought two lots in Hanover in 1775, living and working as [...]


Herman Rupp

Herman Rupp (1756-1831) Herman Rupp lived and worked throughout his life 15-20 miles southwest of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  This contemporary example depicts one of the earliest documented fully evolved Lehigh Valley rifles, dated 1793. It demonstrates most of the architectural and decorative details that distinguish rifles built during this period in the Lehigh Valley area. [...]

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