The Lancaster County court records of 1767 have John Newcomer listed as a gunsmith.  In 1780, the tax records called Newcomer, “Old John Gunsmith”.  He died in 1782.  Later in 1793, his son was also listed in the tax records as a gunsmith in York County, Pennsylvania.

This Newcomer, early Lancaster fowler is patterned after his work from 1768 – 1775.

John Newcomer – Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1768-1775)

  • .54 caliber, octagon to round,
  • 46” smooth Burton barrel,
  • Chambers lock; curly maple stock,
  • Handmade wooden patch box, side plate and nose cap,
  • Relief moulding on fore end,
  • Relief carved beaver tails and shell surrounding tang,
  • Engraving on lock face and hammer.