This contemporary example is patterned after an early rifle of William Antes, circa 1770-1780. It is a wonderful blend of the Bethlehem and Lancaster county styles.

The .58 caliber rifle features a 44” swamped octagon barrel with a Chambers gun-builders lock set in a curly maple stock. All furniture is brass including handmade side plate, thimbles, four-piece patchbox, nose cap and four wedge keys holding the barrel in place. A grotesque mask thumb piece cast in coin silver is inlaid at the top of the wrist.

Relief molding on the fore end terminates at the rear entry thimble. Concave-style molding at the top of the forearm runs from the side plate panels to the rear entry thimbles with the same molding on the butt end. Relief carving surrounds the tang, lock and side plate panels with relief carved beaver tails. Relief carving is fore and aft of the check piece. Incised carving in front of the patchbox.