1770-1780 Early Lancaster

1770-1780 Early Lancaster style rifle patterned after early makers Jacob Dickertt and Valentine Fondersmith.


John Moll and Herman Rupp

This is an example of a Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania flintlock rifle in the style of John Moll and Herman Rupp from the 1790-1795 time period.


Andreas Albrecht

Andreas Albrecht was a German Moravian gunmaker who migrated to America in 1750. He initially settled in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and later moved to Christian’s Spring from 1759-1766 where he served as master in the gun shop.  In 1771 he resided in Lititz where he continued working as gunsmith until his death in 1802.

This Albrecht example is from the 1765 time period.


Jacob Dickert

Jacob Dickert (1740 – 1822)

This left-handed rifle is patterned after the work of Jacob Dickert circa 1770-1775. Dickert was born 1740 in Mainz, Germany. His family migrated in the late 1740’s to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where Jacob lived out his entire life while developing a reputation as a superior gunsmith.



William Antes

William Antes (1735 – 1810)

This example is patterned after an early rifle of William Antes, circa 1770-1780. It is a wonderful blend of the Bethlehem and Lancaster county styles. Antes was born 1735 in Frederick Township located in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Thereafter, his family moved to Bethlehem in 1745. It is reasonable to believe William received a strong influence from the gun shop located in Christian’s Springs. However, there is no record of where or from whom he learned the trade of gun making. Later in his life, he became politically active in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War.


J.P. Beck

J.P. Beck worked as a gunsmith from the late 1760’s to 1811 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  This .54 caliber smooth rifle with a 46″ barrel is patterned after an original by Beck.



John Sheetz

This longrifle is patterned after the work of John Sheetz of Staunton, Virginia from the 1796-1800 time period.


Kuntz Pistols

A pair of pistols pattered after an original by Jacob Kuntz from the Philadelphia area in the 1805-1810 time period.


David Crockett Rifle (1780-1790)

An unknown maker from York County, Pennsylvania produced the original Crockett rifle in the 1780-1790 time period. There is good reason with strong evidence that it was David Crockett’s first rifle at the age of 17.  David makes numerous references to the occasions when he carried his rifle before it was sold to buy a horse so he could go courting.

This example is patterned after the original currently on display at the East Tennessee History Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • 50 Cal Swamped Octagon 44” Rice Barrel
  • Chambers Lock
  • Handmade Brass hardware, Patch box,
  • Thimbles, Side plate, Nose cap and Wedge keys
  • Silver thumb piece inlay
  • Tapered horn-tipped ram rod
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